Sponsoring of Greek and Cypriot Academic Departments in Foreign Higher Educational Institutions

The Special Committee of the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, responsible for the sponsoring of the Greek and Cypriot Academic Departments in Foreign Higher Educational Institutions, announces a call for the submission of applications regarding the above subject for the year 2021.

Interested Institutions of Higher Education must submit their application on the relevant application form in Greek, which should contain the contact details of the responsible person for this purpose at the Institution of Higher Education, the IBAN of the bank (original), and the description of the proposed activities of the Institution, related to the requirements. If an Institution of Higher Education had received funding in the previous year, a financial report must be also submitted. Applications are evaluated by the Special Committee on the basis of set criteria as follows:
  1. Teaching related to the Greek and Cypriot academic studies, at a recognized foreign Institutions of Higher Education, offering programs leading to academic degrees (up to 20%).
  2. Promotion of Greek Language, not only for people of Greek origin, but within the context of specific programs of study aiming at the promotion of the Greek Language, and the enhancement of the Greek Culture offered by the Institution of Higher Education (up to 20%).
  3. Research activity on Greek and Cypriot Studies (up to 15%).
  4. Publications research, publications or other scientific/literary work by students and professors of Greek and Cypriot studies (up to 15%).
  5. Organization of workshops, conferences, lectures, exhibitions that promote the Greek Language and the Greek Culture (up to 10%).
  6. Cooperation with the Cyprus Institutions of Higher Education (up to 10%).
  7. Cooperation with the local diplomatic missions of the Republic of Cyprus (up to 10%).
Furthermore, it is important for the Institutions applying for sponsorship, to refer clearly to the reasons of their request for sponsorship. In addition, the application must contain the future planning and actions that are going to be implemented, which have to be explicitly analyzed. The Institutions of Higher Education, which will be granted funding, have to send to the Special Committee an annual report with the actions taken upon the receival of the grant, as well as a detailed financial report of the amount of money allocated for the implementation of each action undertaken.

It is further noted that sponsorship is not guaranteed and the amount of money granted to each Academic Department/Institution of Higher Education depends on the quality of the actions planned which are related to the specific set criteria, on the overall activity of the Department, as well as on the financial needs of the Department. It is clarified that a new application must be submitted every year.

The decision on sponsorship to support financially foreign Institution of Higher Education, which have programs of study in Greek and Cypriot issues is taken by a Special Committee at the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth, which is responsible for the evaluation of applications submitted. Sponsorship is also subject to the following:
  • the total amount of money approved in the state budget for the specific year.
  • the total number of applications submitted to the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth in the specific year.
  • the number and quality of the programs and actions planned by the Institution related to Greek and Cypriot Studies.
  • the financial needs of the Academic Department/Institution and inability to cover them from other sources.

    Greek and Cypriot Academic Departments in foreign Institutions of Higher Education interested in applying for sponsorship in 2021 must complete the relevant application form by September 15th, 2021.

    * Please note that late applications cannot be accepted.