American University of Cyprus (AUCY)

AUCY was inaugurated on Thursday, May 27th, 2021 by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sport and Youth. The University’s campus is located in the heart of Larnaka. AUCY aims to become a leading center of excellence in education and raise academic standards in Cyprus by empowering its graduates and postgraduates through programs based on intensive practical training, innovative curricula and modern equipment.

The university is well-appointed with highly qualified personnel and modern facilities and has established an educational center adopting innovative instructional and learning methodologies.

Philosophy, Vision and Educational Purpose

Our vision and educational purpose are to ensure that all programs offered meet the highest international standards while recognizing the distinctiveness of Cypriot culture and philosophy.

We aim to equip our students with the academic excellence and expertise, theoretical and practical, and subsequently enable them to grow and excel in the job market upon graduation.

Programs of Study - General Information

AUCY programs of study are modeled on European and American higher education. The University is committed to providing highly applied and engaging, context-based programs to respond to the educational and business needs of the changing world. We aim to provide a stimulating and enriching professional environment for our learners via flexible and interactive training modules delivered by highly competent trainers with in-depth experience in the relevant field, updating our programs in order to stay abreast of changing trends.

AUCY starts its operation with three Schools with undergraduate and postgraduate level Programs of Study.

Continuous Learning Education Center

The Continuous Learning Education Center of the American University of Cyprus (AUCY) strives to lead the market in providing educational access and training opportunities for lifelong learners. The Continuous Learning Education Center aims to be acknowledged as the premier educational destination and resource for local, national, and international audience through entrepreneurship, excellence, and impact on social, economic and workforce development.

Research Purpose

The research Purpose and Mission of the University is to fully facilitate research proposals from the departments and increase the research flair for the students’ project. Additionally, it aims to establish indigenous Research with the vision of becoming one of the foremost educational and research centers in the fields of Business & Economics, Fine Arts & Humanities, and Sciences & Technology and other newly added faculties soon. The research programs at the American University of Cyprus cover a wide range of subjects corresponding to the fields of interest or area of expertise of the existing academic staff.

Accreditation and collaborations

The University’s degrees are evaluated and accredited by The Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

AUCY has collaborations with several universities worldwide. This includes partnerships with top global universities such as University of Massachusetts (UMASS, USA) and CASS Europe (France). Additionally, AUCY is in the process of affiliating with several universities worldwide, based on their expertise in the desired programs.

Scholarships & Financial Aid Programs

In a continuous effort to eliminate inequalities and disparities in education, AUCY supports every student and gives the opportunity to invest in their academic future effectively, securely and vigorously. It offers financial support to various groups of students according to their Academic or Financial Status: This financial support includes: Merit Scholarships, Sibling Scholarships, Athletic Scholarships, Financial Aid and on-campus work-study programs.

Student Life

The student-life philosophy that the University adopts, aims for belongingness, vibrant student culture, and a positive, healthy learning and living environment including various social, career and cultural events.

Contact Information

American University of Cyprus
52 Ammochostou Avenue,
6019 Larnaca - Cyprus

Telephone:+357 24 2090000
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