Fees and Financial Support

Fees (2020/21)

Cypriot and EU students do not pay tuition fees during their first cycle of studies if they study at the Public Universities and Institutions of Higher Education of Cyprus. The tuition fees are covered by the Cyprus Government. Exception to this is the first cycle degree of the Open University of Cyprus, which is a Distance Education Institution.

For the second cycle of studies at Public Universities, all students, both Cypriot and EU-students, pay tuition fees, which range between EUR 4,100 to EUR 10,250, depending on the program of study, per academic year.

Part-time students, in their second cycle studies at the Public Universities of Cyprus, pay tuition fees proportional to credits taken by semester.

The Public Institutions of Higher Education offer short-cycle programs of study. The duration of these programs varies between one (1) semester to three (3) academic years. For the majority of these programmes Cypriot and EU students do not pay fees, but there are some Public Higher Education Institutions which require tuition fees. Their fees range between EUR 500 to EUR 3,000.

Tuition fees for first-cycle students admitted from non-EU countries (international students) amount to EUR 6,834 per academic year. Tuition fees for second cycle students admitted from non-EU countries are ranged between EUR 5,125 to EUR 10,250 per academic year, depending on the chosen program of study. Fees for the short cycle programmes for students admitted from non-EU countries, range between EUR 500 to EUR 11,535.

Support (2019/20)

A 'student grant' can be awarded to short, first, and second-cycle students studying at the accredited programmes of study in order to support their studies in Cyprus and/or abroad. To be eligible, students must have resided in Cyprus for at least five years before enrolment to a University/Higher Education Institution. The amount of the grant is based on the family income and ranges between EUR 750 to EUR 3,420.

The 'student allowance' is a targeted need-based grant to cover living costs, books, rental and computer expenses of first-cycle students based on their socioeconomic status. The maximum amount given is EUR 3692 per year. The grant provider is the Student Welfare Service, established under the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, which is responsible for both the 'student grant' and the 'student allowances'.

The Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation awards scholarships either based on students' academic performance or based on both academic performance and socio-economic status. Students may receive a scholarship up to EUR 3,000 per year in first-cycle programmes and up to EUR 4,000 per year in second-cycle programmes.

Study loans are available only for Cypriot refuges who are owners of property in the area of Cyprus which is illegally occupied by Turkey since 1974. This is a state loan for first-, second- and third-cycle students who study in Cyprus or abroad. The annual amount ranges from EUR 1,700 to EUR 8,000 and should cover living expenses and tuition fees. Repayment usually begins one year after graduation and should be completed within 20 years. The interest rate of the loan is 1.75 %. Around 1.5 % of students take advantage of this loan.