University of Nicosia

The University of Nicosia is an independent, co-educational, equal opportunity tertiary education institution, combining the best elements in western education, quality standards and an international philosophy. With an international student body, a diverse range of academic programmes, instruction in English, and a commitment to multiculturalism, the University provides a dynamic learning environment in a modern, democratic, European country.

Mission and Objectives

The University of Nicosia:
  • Helps its students become educated individuals, achieve their academic and professional goals and assume responsible roles in a changing world of European cooperation and global interdependence;
  • Offers a diverse range of career-oriented academic programmes, at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level;
  • Strengthens facilities, resources, and services, to provide a stimulating environment conducive to personal growth, discovery and learning;
  • Upholds an international philosophy and outlook, enhancing opportunities for education and understanding between people of different cultures;
  • Promotes research and the generation of knowledge for the benefit of Cyprus and the wider world;
  • Is of service to society through the dissemination and application of knowledge, as well as, through innovative partnerships with business and civil society institutions.

Programmes of Study/ Duration (General Information)

The University of Nicosia’s programmes of study are modeled on European and American higher education. The University is committed to maintaining standards which comply with those of Western higher education, continually reviewing and updating its programmes in order to stay abreast of changing trends.

The University of Nicosia is made up of four Schools. Through these, the University offers a range of academic programmes of study, leading to Bachelor (4 years) and Master Degrees (18 months - 2 years).

Financial Aid

The University of Nicosia offers financial aid to full-time students, in the form of merit scholarships, need-based assistance, athletic scholarships, and on-campus work-study programmes.

Student Services:

The Department of Student Affairs offers a wide range of services to Intercollege students, assisting them make a smooth and productive transition into university life. The aim of the Department is to offer every possible assistance to students, not only during their studies at the University of Nicosia, but also after they graduate. The Department assists students in finding suitable accommodation, organizing the orientation day and facilitating the various activities of the numerous social and sports clubs.

Additionally, the University runs a Career Centre, to help students explore their career options, enhance their awareness on professional choices, and develop their skills to reach their full potential. A Counselling Centre is also operational on campus, on call to offer important and impartial advice to new and old students.

Programs of Study / Duration (General Information)

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Contact Information

The Office of Admissions
46 Makedonitissas Avenue
P.O. Box 24005
1700 Nicosia
Tel.: 357-22841500, Fax: 357-22352067,
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.