Neapolis University Pafos

Mission and Philosophy

The central mission of Neapolis University is to provide a first class education to its students, to create and disseminate knowledge, to critically assess and, if needed, challenge prevailing scientific beliefs and to contribute to the cultural, social and economic development of the greater Pafos area.

Our vision is to create an innovative institution with the utilization of advanced technologies, high-quality educational infrastructure and excellent academic stuff thus providing a productive environment for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will allow our graduates to pursue successful careers in an increasingly competitive international labour market.

An integral part of this vision is the establishment of Neapolis University as an international university that will serve not only the local population but will also attract students from Greece and other countries.

Educational Purpose

The University’s educational goal is to disseminate and advance knowledge in sectors that are critical to the Cyprus economy and are in high demand in the local job market. Real estate and construction along with the banking and financial sectors represent some of the most critical sectors not only for the Cyprus economy but also for the world economy, and, as such, represent major focus of the university’s undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Furthermore, the programmes integrate both theoretical and practical aspects and have been designed on the basis of recent developments and emerging future trends in each field.

Within this context, the University is offering innovative undergraduate programmes in:
  • Architecture and Environmental Design
  • Real Estate Valuation and Development
  • Business Administration
  • Financial Studies
  • Psychology
The University offers also post-graduate programmes in similar fields:

  • Real Estate
  • Construction Management
  • Business Administration
  • Banking, Investment and Finance
  • Educational Psychology

Research Purpose

Neapolis University aspires to become a centre of excellence in research. Research does not only lend academic credibility to an institution but is also necessary for offering high quality post-graduate programmes. In the case of Neapolis University, research is also necessary for the examination and analysis of the problems encountered in the Pafos district and in Cyprus in general. A number of research centres are already operating in the University, such as the Center for Counselling and Well being and the Center for Real Estate.

Service to the Community

The University is an active member of the community which it serves through regular general education seminars that are open to the public, through its scholarship programme to allow students with financial difficulties to attend university, through the sponsorship of several cultural and scientific events and by making its facilities available for use by organised groups.

Student Life

The University Campus is where students study and live and Neapolis University has strived to create a place that is conducive to both study and recreation. The campus of the Neapolis University is a welcoming place for study and work at the heart of a vibrant town and a hundred metres from the beach. It offers state-of-the-art classrooms with interactive boards, modern amphitheatre, teaching, research and computer labs, architectural studios, a main library equipped with one of the most advanced and expensive library management programmes, student dormitories and shops. Students can also enjoy various other facilities such as:

  • Indoor and outdoor restaurant/cafeteria
  • Outdoor swimming pool and snack pool bar
  • A health centre with indoor swimming pool, gym, weight room, fitness room, shower and changing rooms
  • Floodlit tennis courts
Walking-distance amenities outside the campus include banks, pharmacies, cafes, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and shops.
Neapolis University is located in the western coastal Kato Pafos area, easily accessible by public transport or by car. Pafos, a vibrant and multi-cultural city, combines the new and old with its history and modernity, while its mild Mediterranean climate and proximity to the beach creates very pleasant living conditions throughout the year.

Programs of Study / Duration (General Information)

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